About Us

Experience, Expertise, Strength: The principals of Sugar Creek Realty LLC ("Sugar Creek") have been leaders in the field of affordable housing for decades. Having worked in development, syndication, construction and property management since the mid 1970's, the leadership of Sugar Creek provides knowledge and first hand understanding of housing programs from a variety of viewpoints. Our principals have developed and managed approximately 10,000 apartment units. Due to this experience, Sugar Creek can serve as a valuable collaborator in any phase of the development process.

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Promoting State Equity: Solid underwriting, a strong relationship with state investors, and principals with years of experience allow Sugar Creek to be the leader in the process of providing state equity to project partnerships. When Sugar Creek combines a strong state credit investor with a strong federal credit partner, developers get more equity in their deal. With developers seeking more value for their state equity, Sugar Creek is rapidly becoming the preferred first contact.

Seamless Approach. Developers and federal investors appreciate Sugar Creek's ability to modify state equity investment requirements to blend with the federal investor's, resulting in a seamless process for everyone. Sugar Creek prides itself on its quick turnaround of due diligence and its coordinated asset management and compliance with the federal equity partner, eliminating additional time and paperwork for the developer. Also, Sugar Creek typically times and conditions its state investor pay-ins to match those of the federal equity partner. As experienced developers, we recognize the value of teamwork while providing market-leading value for state equity.